Red Peak Design | About
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Making stuff, it’s what we’ve always done. 3D stuff, interactive stuff, unforgettable stuff.

Our work lives in the real world – beyond the page, beyond the screen. Supporting your vision and making you smile.

Making it happen. At our desks, out researching, on-site. Making sure what gets made is precisely what we’ve promised.

Our reputation depends on it.


New thinking is the lifeblood of living brands.

Exploration is always our first move. It’s where genuine, feature-rich 3D experiences begin. We investigate all the possibilities, to really get under the skin of your brand.

What makes you unique? And how can that guide us to original, memorable results? Thinking big from the start means scale holds no fear. The best results come from being brave.


We know your brand is your most treasured possession.

Trusting someone to nurture it is a leap of faith. That’s why we ensure each detail is considered. Every part of every job is treated with care.

Always sweat the small stuff. It’s the detail that makes the difference.


Great work is built upon strong, lasting relationships.

Great relationships are based on respect, collaboration and hard work. Our clients get it. We get it too. We care as much about your project as you do.

This is what you’ll get from a Red Peak project: more yes, less no.