You’ve worked hard to establish your company brand. So when it comes to showing it off at an exhibition, you want to make it count.


Designing and building an exhibition stand is one thing, but we work with our customers to create experiences. Experiences that resonate with your company, your brand, your people and even more importantly your customers.


Through our years of experience and wide ranging supplier network, wherever you’re exhibiting around the world, we will create that one exhibition your people will remember.


When it comes to bringing your brand to life, our team have a whole range of ideas to help you. Whether you’re looking for some initial concepts and ideas, or you’re ready to send that file to the printers, we can help.


Over the years, we’ve learned that print costs can fluctuate, that’s why we’ve built long standing relationships with print agencies throughout the UK, to provide competitive quotes.


We’re so sure of that, we even offer a price matching service! So, if you’re having a complete re-brand and need a design partner, or you just want some flyers printing, just talk to us.


Brand is not just about what you look like, it’s also about your capabilities, personality and how your customers can connect with you.


At the heart of all organisations, there is a story – how the business was formed, what makes you different, and it’s that story which is the foundation of your brand.


We help our customers build on that story, amplify it and bring it to life, making sure it connects with your people and your customers.


From the initial discovery phase of who you are, right through to developing your key points of difference, we can help you build your story and your brand.


So, you’ve got a great story to tell and want to tell the world.


We can help you take your brand and story to market. Whether it’s a one-off product launch or a strategic long-term marketing campaign to generate new business, our team of marketing and communication specialists have the know-how on getting the best exposure.


We can support with the full marketing mix, from copy writing, internal and external communications to press/PR and social media. Or maybe your existing marketing team just needs an extra pair of hands, our flexible approach offers a host of opportunities.

Do you have an exciting new project you want to talk about? We’re here to help.